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Opening doors: encouraging & facilitating new ways of work & leadership in the digital age

Claudia Mayer, Intrapreneur & Catalyst @ Siemens Healthcare GmbH
Claudia Mayer, Intrapreneur & Catalyst @ Siemens Healthcare GmbH

Today´s customers require innovative answers to their burning business issues. If a company can answer these needs in a flexible, agile and tailored manner by offering disruptive innovative products, services and solutions, it will be ahead of the competition.

But disruptive innovation stems from where new ideas from different backgrounds come together and rise. When people from different disciplines meet, collaborate and co-create. In Networks

In the virtual world networking takes place in Enterprise Social Networks and other collaboration tools.

My passion as an Intrapreneur and Catalyst at Siemens Healthcare GmbH:

  • Helping employees to leave the old, worn-out ways of working, adapt to the digital age and to work and collaborate smarter with virtual collaboration tools by offering trainings, consulting and opportunities to explore new ways of working
  • Helping executives to understand the paradigm shifts of digital transformation and shift from the role of a manager to becoming a true digital leader (a coach) by offering consulting and trainings on how to lead in the digital age with Enterprise Social Networks
  • Helping the enterprise to fully leverage the benefits of virtual collaboration like increased disruptive innovation capabilities, agility and productivity gains by providing modern, connected tools in a Digital Internal Ecosystem that can replace existing practices, and make work more fun and efficient

I am

  • dedicated to the overall topic of digital transformation
  • an expert in digital collaboration tools and community management
  • An Intrapreneur, bold and brave – not accepting a “No” and always ready to venture onto new roads
  • A Catalyst and Coach, continously supporting others on their personal way towards new ways of working and digital leadership
  • Committed and Experienced Networker, who knows how and lives up to purposefully build, nurture and maintain internal and external networks
  • An Innovator myself, seeking for and implementing new concepts, methods, tools to foster virtual collaboration
  • and very fit in connecting dots to a holistic big picture, but also
  • looking into the details
  • very good in getting things done

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  1. Hi Claudia, I really like your new blog, it brought me back here more than once already, but I missed to show you my appreciation. Your content surely helps others (and me) to get first hand ideas and an impression of your work and mindset.
    I hope you will engage your network to also comment, like and share your posts soon… knowing it takes a lot of time. As you are so perfectly documenting your journey on Twitter, I am looking forward to see you sharing more details here now too – as an improvement, I would recommend to – somewhere (sidebar?) – add your active Twitter stream here too.
    Keep the passion!


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