Starting a movement in a big corp? Self-organization is the key

Everything in our conference zone is still empty… but this is going to change soon: on Nov-03, when we will kick-off Working-Out-Loud (#WOL) as a movement at the company I work for,.


More than 150 employees have already signed-up to take part in this workshop-style event. How exciting is this?! Wow!

And it´s been organized by only a small team of six people, a self-organized team. Of WOL practitioners and enthusiasts who want to spread this easy-to-use peer-coaching method across the company and make it a habit by turning it from an experimental state into a movement.


Everyone in the team is contributing according to his/her interests, talents and capacity. The team is also glad to be supported by @SabineKluge and @JohnStepper.

Yes, it is kind of an extra work, but it doesn’t matter as we´re purpose-driven:
We want to make the WOL Kick-off a success and start a movement.

And to all of us it is another great means to learn.

A lot of things will be very hands-on. That makes it handy. Plus, we only have a very little budget, so not too much room for fancy, but time consuming things. But this makes us creative, finding solutions instead of detecting problems.

Decisions in the team are taken by those who have volunteered to contribute to a certain work package and nowhere else, not even by the sponsor. Status updates are shared in our bi-weekly stand-ups and via our Kanban board.

Meetings? Yes, mostly online. And it works as well, since everything is at hand via the Kanban board.

Management support?  We simply started.
We’ll be involving multipliers: In the afternoon of Nov-03 together with them we will look into how we can bring WOL to an even larger scale in a barcamp, also from an operative perspective – thus supporting our #grasroot WOL movement framework, which the team already has also started to set-up.

Looking forward to Nov-03.



2 thoughts on “Starting a movement in a big corp? Self-organization is the key

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  1. Dear Claudia, it is a great pleasure collaborating with you in the #wolkickoff initiative at Siemens. I haven’t ever collaborated in a more productive team. Your experienced guidance through this self organized project has given every minute of our engagement extraordinary value. Thanks. And now: Be the power with WOL!


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