User requirements? It is all about co-creation

In one of my last blog posts I told about how we want to transform our social intanet into a truly Digital Workplace.

Aug-21 saw a completely new way of gathering user requirements in such a project.

“Lego? What the heck am I going to do with Lego? I am fifty years of age, it’s been ages since I used this tool as a child. ” These were only some of the feedbacks we got when we asked the participants to use Lego stones to visualize their daily business live and the roadblocks they encounter every day.





But soon the room got quiet, very quiet… everyone was eagerly building their lego scenes. And, when as a next step we explained each model to each other something else happened, that was amazing for such a huge corporation we’re all working in: there was no political discussion… it automatically stops when skeletons and crocodiles show up in the Lego scenes, highlighting the every day dramas in daily business.

We then took these as-is scenes as a basis to dream of a better business world or an effective digital workplace for each of our five main focus groups or personas One that would help us to get things done, to get data, projects and people connected – without spending any extra efforts as we do today.

And as a last step we put all these requirements together, but no longer in a lengthy  repository in excel. No, we chose to tell a story, a user story in the form of a comic.



New ways of working at work.

And the participants of this one-day workshop? More than enthusiastic about the ways we did it.


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