Does this work? A new digital internal tool without IT processes?

To be honest: we don´t know. But we have just started to explore.

Why? Our experiences in planning, and implementing our Social Intranet and Personal Intranet Cockpit have been very bad:
This project has been pretty viscous and lengthy: too many process steps to adhere to, too many required approvals at the end of each project step… too many people who wanted to have a say in the matter. Too much time wasted in the end without making any substantial progress.
But today, in these times of digital transformation, time to change is scare – also for changing internally. This needs to be taken into account.

We will now advance our Personal Internal Cockpit to a true Digital Workplace.
But we will do it differently. In a team of volunteers, but who can make decisions and are willing to. In a cross-functional core team comprising of IT, InfoSec, Communications, Works Council and hopefully soon, also Human Resources.
This is the place where all required decisions will be taken. Nowhere else.



And it no longer is a project. It is a Movement.
Because in our initial teambuilding workshop earlier this week we understood that there is more in it than technologically advancements or simple change management and communications: We need to integrate our colleagues, our future users to the movement as  soon as possible.


We will be working based on Scrum, in Sprints – each with a Minimum Viable Product as an outcome.
And the first sprint is to  begin with a very important milestone:

We have invited voluntary representatives of several user focus groups to jointly ponder on today´s “digital workplace” and its pitfalls. On developing a vision for the digital workplace of the future that makes daily business efficient, and productive again. That supports in connecting people, supports in enabling disruptive innovation. And which makes fun.

We call this workshop no longer a Requirement Workshop, but a Co-Creation Workshop.
As there will be other outcomes than mere technical features. And we want to co-create the new Digital Workplace in a movement.

This will be our next step – like all other in an intrapreneurial, start-up like mindset.

We are Siemens Healthineers. Dedicated to empower internal collaboration. We connect people, tools, and information.

Will it work? We are curious about it. You as well? Then stay tuned and follow this blog.




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