Networking – bringing the energy about

As an Intrapreneur and catalyst for corporate collaboration networking is at the core of my work (and my nature).

Like a power network in a city networks provide energy – and are thus indispensable.

Networks help me to learn from others, improve, and together with them: to get things going and done. They encourage me to walk on completely unknown tracks. On the other hand I am happy that I may support others by sharing my knowledge and expertise. And also my joy and dedication to my work.

Networking to me is about building relationships – to people and communities.
And I believe in the power of paying forward as its essence.

Throughout nearly thirty years at the company I have always had many relations, but this has been growing strongly ever since having become an intrapreneur and catalyst. And it is not only about a constantly rising number of followers at our major ESN. I now even have stronger ties – also outside the company.

My main cross-company communities

  • Benchlearning project on the Digital Workplace, virtual collaboration and community management w/ big international german corporations such as Audi, Volkswagen, Bosch, Continental, Daimler, …
  • German benchlearning initiative on „Fostering self-organization in big corporations“ w/ Deutsche Bahn, Allianz, Airbus, Deutsche Telekom, …
  • Both, german and international Working-Out-Loud community

My main internal communities

  • Grains, a self-organized holocratic company-wide network of change agents, catalysts and influencers who work on fostering self-organization and collaboration
  • Grains @ my business, the sister chapter of the above (founder)
  • Siemens Social Network (SSN)
  • SSN Key User Group
  • Connect & Integrate (on the Digital Workplace)
  • Digital Internal Ecosystem
  • Community Gardeners (founder)
  • Work / Lead smarter with Enterprise Social Networks (founder)
  • Working-Out-Loud community (founder)
  • Womens Network
  • Catalysts, a culture change community

Main relations to thought leaders and influencers on digital transformation/digitalization, e.g.


Others pls see

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