Disruptive innovation and what a Corporate Collaboration Manager can do

Disruptive innovation stems from where new ideas from different backgrounds come together and rise. Where people from different disciplines meet, collaborate and co-create. In Networks

In the virtual world networking takes place in Enterprise Social Networks and other collaboration tools.

But, what if these are not used properly a/o sufficiently?

Change the tool?

No. Foremost collaboration and co-creation is a matter of (company) culture.

And big corporations?

Have been used to working in silos for ages. Despite the call to ownership.
Knowledge still means power there, but not sharing knowledge. Worn-out processes, regulations and tools are what employees are working on – often crying desperately for way-outs, but not daring to leave the old worn-out paths themselves.

Plus, today´s collaboration and knowledge management tools are not entwined, which makes them difficult to use.

This is where a Corporate Collaboration Manager – in close cooperation w/ HR, CT, GM, IT and the business etc. – chimes in. Building bridges, she/he…

  • Fosters, creates and provides opportunities
    • to experience the benefits of cross-silo collaboration and co-creation
    • to experience the power of sharing for bringing about disruptive innovation
    • to experiment w/ new ways of working such as lean, agile, scrum or design thinking and to combine them
  • Ensures that user-friendly and easy-to-use tools are in place, which are inter-connected through a Digital Internal Ecosystem, so that work and collaboration become more fun and efficient

The Corporate Collaboration Manager is

  • An Intrapreneur, bold and brave – not accepting a “No”
  • A Catalyst and Coach, continously supporting others on their personal way towards new ways of working and digital leadership
  • A Dedicated Networker him/herself, who knows how and lives up to purposefully build and maintain internal and external networks
  • An Innovator him/herself, seeking for and implementing new concepts, methods, tools to foster virtual collaboration
  • An experienced Community Manager, who knows how to build, nurture and maintain a community and keep it successful


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