An intrapreneur and catalyst in a big corporation

Implementing our Ownership Culture is the key to our company’s continuity and its long-term future. Which means more personal responsibility instead of lots of rules and duplicate checking, …
| Joe Kaeser, May 2017

I have taken ownership.

Even if I have been working for the same company now for nearly thirty years. But I have kept my passion all these years: helping to ensure our company’s continuity.

So, I do no longer wait for things to be initialized top-down or for permission from my bosses. I dare venturing into new lands.

The north star I pursue in my work has been clearly set: it comprises of the overall goals for the company and my department.

I am proud to be an intrapreneur and catalyst. And I believe in the power of grassroot initiatives to transform a company in these digital ages.

Inter-connected grassroot initiatives I started and run

  • Accelerate initiative to foster the usage of our Enterprise Social Networks:
    • Series of free, internal, company-wide Massive Open Online Courses, both in English and German, such as
      • Digital Leadership – Leading smarter with Enterprise Social Networks
      • New Ways of working – Working smarter with Enterprise Social Networks
      • Efficient, effective and sustainable? Community Management in ESNs
      • How to support your top-management using ESNs
    • Consulting
    • Team workshops
  • Working-Out Loud movement
  • Grains @ SHC: This is my business unit´s chapter of the sister movement Grains at my company, a self-organized holocratic empowerment network of change agents and influencers
  • Augenhöhe workshops to help both executives and employees to understand the challenges stemming from digital transformation, and to define a new way of mutual cooperation

All these initiatives go along with respective communities on one of our Enterprise Social Networks to help people to continuously learn, to share and to network on these topics.

It was with pride that I have been invited e.g. to

  • the IOM Summit 2016 (Cologne, Germany) as a speaker
  • as a guest to the pilot of the Digital Business Lab, hosted by Siemens Learning Campus (Munich MakerSpace at TUM, June 2016)
  • as a guest to the pilot of Leading The Digital Business Transformation seminar, hosted by Siemens Learning Campus (Munich, Co-Working Space, May 2017)
  • as a guest to the Leading Women @ Industry conference, June 2017

As the Corporate Collaboration Manager for my business I drive advancing and connecting our Enterprise Social Networks and collaboration tools into a Digital Internal Ecosystem, as only this brings about a coherent customer journey, so maximum customer benefit.

And I am continuously exploring new ways of working such as Scrum, Agile, Holacracy etc. myself.

Read more about the power of grassroot initiatives

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