Anarchy or valuable addition to classic hierarchies? Grassroots initiatives

To me, grassroots initiatives are #ownership taken. Like the grassroots in the picture above (Source: they have the power to help to transform the culture of  a company. With grassroots initiative employees no longer wait for leadership o.k., if they feel something needs to be changed/amended/improved, they simply take action, they take ownership: they design... Continue Reading →

Starting a movement in a big corp? Self-organization is the key

Everything in our conference zone is still empty... but this is going to change soon: on Nov-03, when we will kick-off Working-Out-Loud (#WOL) as a movement at the company I work for,. More than 150 employees have already signed-up to take part in this workshop-style event. How exciting is this?! Wow! And it´s been organized... Continue Reading →

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